Kerala PSC-Sample Paper Of Examination For Laboratory Assistant

1. How many ways can a batsman lose his wickets?
(a) 5 (b) 10 (c) 15 (d) 20

2. Corundum is a mineral of:
(a) Calcium (b) Gold (c) Iron (d) Aluminium

3. The state which is the largest producer of tea in India:
(a) Tamil Nadu (b) Assam (c) Kerala (d) Karnataka

4. Which of the following is issued by the President when the Parliament is not in session?
(a) Ordinances (b) Rules (c) Statutes (d) Proclamation

5. The strength of the council of minister is fixed by the:
(a) Governor (b) Chief Minister (c) Parliament (d) Constitution

6. Neutron was discovered by:
(a) J.J. Thompson (b) Rutherford (c) Bohr (d) Chadwick

7. Which of the following principle is made use of in the working of an atom bomb?
(a) Thermionic emission (b) Nuclear fusion (c) Nuclear fission (d) Transmutation

8. 'Palaeontology' is the study of:
(a) Fossils (b) Bones (c) Animals (d) Birds

9. Amylase acts upon:
(a) Lipids (b) Oils (c) Starch (d) Glucose

10. The active cell division in a plant is found in the:
(a) tips of roots and shoots (b) pith cells (c) cells cortex (d) internodal region

11. Which among the following is the antisterility vitamin?
(a) B (b) C (c) D (d) E

12. In which year the Indian National Congress was formed?
(a) 1811 (b) 1858 (c) 1885 (d) 1895

13. The leader of Cochin who fought with Velu Thampi Dalwa aganist the British:
(a) Kunhali Maracker (b) Paliath Achan (c)Pazhassi Raja (d) Chirakkal Raja

14. Who was the author of the book “Sathyartha Prakash”?
(a) Swami Dayananda Saraswathi (b) Rajaram Mohan Roy (c) Swami Vivekananda (d) Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

15. The first Viceroy of British India:
(a) Lord Cornwallis (b) Lord Ripon (c) Lord Canning (d) Lord Dalhousie

16. Who was the first king presided the court of Kanauj?
(a) Samudra Gupta (b) Chandragupta (c) Harsha (d) Kanishka

17. Which is the mid layer of the earth?
(a) Sial (b) Sima (c) Core (d) Mantle

18. The Himalayan Mountain is made up of:
(a) Intrusive rocks (b) Extrusive rocks (c) Sedimentary rocks (d) Metamorphic rocks

19. The most prominent distributory of Ganga river:
(a) Yamuna (b) Ram Ganga (c) Gomati (d) Hoogly

20. The leader who is known as 'The Grand old man of India':
(a) Sardar Vallabhai Patel (b) Dadabai Naoroji (c) Balgangadhar Tilak (d) Bipin Chandrapal

21. The southern most part of India:
(a) Sri Lanka (b) Pak Strait (c) Maladive (d) Nicobar group of Island

22. The head quarters of the Theosophical Society in India:
(a) Nagercoil (b) Adayar (c) Madura (d) Trichy

23. Which is not a port on the west coast of India?
(a) Paradeep (b) Marmagoa (c) Mangalore (d) Kandla

24. In which year the University of Travancore was established?
(a) 1935 (b) 1937 (c)1939 (d) 1941

25. The state which is the leading producer of mica:
(a) Jharkhand (b) Orissa (c) Rajasthan (d) Madhya Pradesh

26. Which of the following diseases are sexually transmitted?
(a) AIDS (b) Gonorrhea (c) Syphilis (d) All of these

27. On 27th May 2006 a strong earthquake was close to:
(a) Mount Kilimanjaro (b) Mount Merapi (c) Vesuvius (d) Barren Island

28. The year in which the postal stamp was introduced first:
(a) 1840 (b) 1845 (c) 1850 (d) 1855

29. Which type of lens is used in the case of “Astigmatism” to get the correct vision?
(a) Converging lens (b) Diverging lens (c) Cylindrical lens (d) Bi-focal lens

30. What is the total number of constellation identified till now by human beings?
(a) 48 (b) 58 (c) 78 (d) 88

31. The highest railway bridge is built across the river:
(a) Jhelum (b) Chenab (c) Beas (d) Ravi

32. Which of the following is a controversial film for display?
(a) The great Escape (b) Hamlet (c) Davinchi code (d) Casino Royale

33. What is the chemical formula of bleaching powder?
(a) NaHCO3 (b) Ca3(PO4)2 (c) Na2CO3—10H2O (d) CaOCI2

34. Barkhans are land forms of:
(a) wind erosion (b) wind deposition (c) glacial deposition (d) coastal erosion

35. 'Plam pudding' model of atom is prepared by:
(a) Albert Einstein (b) Rutherford (c) Alexander Fleming (d) Niels Bohr

36. An example for non-renewable source of energy:
(a) solar energy (b) petroleum (c) biomass (d) water power

37. In which country the G-8 summit of 2005, held?
(a) Canada (b) Iceland (c) Scotland (d) Greenland

38. In South India, Jainism was spread by:
(a) Kharavela (b) Upali (c) Rudradaman I (d) Bhadrabahu

39. The people of which country have longest life span:
(a) China (b) Japan (c) England (d) America

40. Which is not a source of Carbohydrates?
(a) Fish (b) Butter (c) Cheese (d) Potato

41. Who translated Bhagavat Gita into Persian language?
(a) Abdul Fazal (b) Dara (c) Dadu (d) Balban

42. The second highest mountain peak in the world:
(a) Kanchenjunga (b) Nangaparbad (c) Nanda devi (d) Godwin Austin

43. The author of the book 'Gandhi Life and Thought':
(a) V.D Savarkar (b) J.B Kripalani (c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) R.K Laxman

44. The creature in which the external fertilization takes place:
(a) bird (b) dog (c) cat (d) frog

45. Which country won the gold in Men's Hockey in Bangkok Asian Games, 1998?
(a) India (b) South Korea (c) Pakistan (d) Japan

46. The Pallivasal Hydro electric system was commissioned during the reign of:
(a) Marthanda Varma (b) Dharma Raja (c) Srimulam Thirunal (d) Sri Chitira Tirunal Balarama Varma

47. Name the author of the novel 'The Ambassadors':
(a) Joyce Cary (b) E.M Foster (c) Henry James (d) Hadley Chase

48. Which element is not present in fats?
(a) Nitrogen (b) Sulphur (c) Carbon (d) Hydrogen

49. Which is know as the father of American Football?
(a) Bob Cousy (b) Water Camp (c) James Corbett (d) Charles W Brown

50. The most densely populated country in the world:
(a) India (b) China (c) Japan (d) Pakistan

51. Be careful when you ride on a bike, ........?
(a) won't you (b) did you (c) didn't you (d) aren't you

52. The passive voice of “He made his wife do the work”:
(a) His wife was making to do the work (b) His wife was made to do the work
(c) His wife was done the work (d) His wife was made doing the work

53. The feminine gender of horse is:
(a) Cow (b) Lass (c) Hind (d) Marc

54. Find out the wrongly spelt word:
(a) Zealous (b) Committee (c) Souvenior (d) Allotted

55. That house ........ to peter:
(a) belongs (b) is belonging to (c) is belonged to (d) was belonged to

56. He is ..... going near an elephant.
(a) afraid (b) afraid of (c) feared (d) fearing

57. The older we grow:
(a) the wiser we became (b) wiser we become (c) the wisest we become (d) we grow wiser

58. The teacher asked Ravi:
(a) whether he saw the exhibition (b) whether he had seen the exhibition
(c) whether had seen the exhibition (d) whether he will see the exhibition

59. We shall wait here:
(a) until you return (b) until you will return (c) until you returned (d) until you had returned

60. Neither of the two speakers ....... eloquent
(a) were (b) had (c) was (d) being

61. It has been raining ....... last night
(a) For (b) at (c) since (d) till

62. The price of petrol is higher than
(a) diesel (b) the diesel (c) of diesel (d) that of diesel

63. No sooner had she heard the sad news ......... she burst in to tears.
(a) when (b) before (c) than (d) then

64. They discussed ...... the border issue at the summit.
(a) about (b) of (c) against (d) none

65. I would resign if I ........ you
(a) am (b) was (c) were (d) had

66. Dessert means:
(a) sand covered large area if barren land (b) sweet savory confection (c) abandon (d) detailed study

67. The opposite of the word 'Sympathy'
(a) Apathy (b) Pride (c) Angry (d) Pity

68. The dacoits ...... to the police after much resistance
(a) gave up (b) turned down (c) gave in (d) passed away

69. The president A.P.J Abdul Kalam ........ the nation to stand united in the fight against terrorism
(a) called on (b) called at (c) called off (d) called upon

70. Never look a gift horse
(a) in the mouth (b) in the park (c) in the zoo (d) in the stable

71. Carpenter is related to furniture, in the same way Goldsmith is related to:
(a) Ornaments (b) Necklace (c) Chain (d) Bangles

72. Find the related word Thunder : Rain :: ..... : Night
(a) Day (b) Dark (c) Dusk (d) Evening

73. Find the pair which is differently related in comparison with the others:
(a) Labourer : Industry (b) Teacher : Classroom (c) Driver : Vehicle (d) Doctor : Patient

74. From the group of letters one is different from others.Find it out
(a) DgP (b) MsP (c) DiG (d) AsP

75. Which one does not follow the pattern
(a) 5/2 (b) 10/3 (c) 17/4 (d) 24/5

76. Insert the missing number: 5, 11, 21, 43, ....
(a) 85 (b) 86 (c) 87 (d) 88

77. Insert the missing letters ..., ywu, qom, ige
(a) jhg (b) rpq (c) wus (d) mlj

78. If VENU is coded as E2122N then NEAT is codes as
(a) E2014A (b) E1420A (c) A1420E (d) A2014E

79. Showing a lady in the park, kumar said “She is the daughter of my grand father's only son”. How is Kumar related to the lady?
(a) Father (b) Daughter (c) Brother (d) Aunt

80. Mini tore out several successive pages from a book.Number of the first page she tore out is 385. It is known that the number of the last page which she tore out is with the same digits in some other order.How many pages did she remove from the book?
(a) 154 (b) 253 (c) 469 (d) 451

81. If September 14 is Friday, how many Saturdays and Sundays will that month have?
(a) 4, 4 (b) 5, 4 (c) 4, 5 (d) 5, 5

82. Calendar is to date as Atlas is to:
(a) Jewellery (b) Map (c) Earth (d) Globe

83. A man walks 30 meters towards South. Then turning to his right he walks 30 meters. Then turn to his left and walks 20 meters. Again takes a turn to his left and walks 30 meters. How far is he from his initial position?
(a) 20 meters (b) 50 meters (c) 60 meters (d) 80 meters

84. Fill in the blank as per the sequence: PLANETARIUM, LANERAUIM, ANEUAMI, ........

85. In a group of six person F is richer than E but not as rich as A. B is richer than C and D but not as rich as A. E is richer than D. E and C are equally rich. Who is the poorest among them?
(a) Data inadequate (b) C (c) E (d) D

86. A metal block having sides 10 cm, 15 cm, 30 cm has cut into equal cubes. If the block is exhausted completely what will be the least possible number of cubes?
(a) 12 (b) 24 (c) 30 (d) 36

87. If aX - bY = cZ then X : Y: Z is:
(a) be :ca : ab (b) ab : bc : ca (c) a : b : c (d) b : c : a

88. Two poles of heights 10 m and 15m stand on a plane ground. If the distance between their feet is 12m the
distance between their top is:
(a) 5m (b) 12m (c) 12.5m (d) 13m

89. If |3x-10|>5 then:
(a) x≤5, x≥5/3 (b) x≥5, x≤5/3 (c) x≤-5, x≥5/3 (d) x≤-5, x≥-5/3

90. Find the empty set:
(a) {x:x=x} (b) {x:x≠x} (c) {x:x=x2} (d) {x:x≠x3}

91. If 3x-y –27 and 3x+y = 243 then x is:
(a) 0 (b) 2 (c) 4 (d) 6

92. If f(x)-5x2-3x+2 and g(x) = 2x2-2x-2 then f(2)-g(-2) is:
(a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 6 (d) 18

93. The least number which is to be added to make 7399 a perfect square is
(a) 170 (b) 151 (c)27 (d) 0

94. Number of terms common to the two arithmetic progressions 5, 10, 15, ... 315 and 4, 8, 12 ...604 is:
(a) 13 (b) 14 (c) 15 (d) 16

95. Mean weight of m boys is 43 kg. If the teacher who weighs 63kg is included the mean becomes 45 kg.What is the value of m?
(a) 6 (b) 7 (c) 8 (d) 9

96. Cardiologist : Heart : Dermatologist :
(a) Dream (b) Diabetes (c) Skin (d) Infertility

97. Book is to read as Piano is to:
(a) Music (b) Play (c) Sing (d) Song

99. If smell means taste, taste means hear, hear means see and see means smell then what is cars used for?
(a) smell (b) hear (c) taste (d) see

100. If PΔQ means P is smaller than Q and MÑN means M is greater than N then what does AÑBΔC means:
(a) A is greater than B and C (b) B is greater than A and less than C (c) B is greater than A and C (d) B is less than A and C


1 B 11 D 21 D 31 A 41 B 51 A 61 C 71 C 81 D 91 C
2 D 12 C 22 B 32 C 42 D 52 B 62 D 72 B 82 B 92 C
3 B 13 B 23 A 33 D 43 B 53 D 63 C 73 A 83 B 93 A
4 A 14 A 24 B 34 B 44 D 54 C 64 D 74 B 84 A 94 C
5 B 15 C 25 C 35 D 45 C 55 A 65 C 75 D 85 D 95 D
6 D 16 C 26 D 36 B 46 D 56 B 66 B 76 A 86 D 96 C
7 C 17 D 27 B 37 C 47 C 57 A 67 A 77 C 87 A 97 B
8 A 18 D 28 A 38 D 48 C 58 B 68 C 78 A 88 D 98 B
9 C 19 D 29 C 39 B 49 B 59 A 69 D 79 D 89 A 99 D
10A 20 D 30 D 40 B 50 C 60 C 70 A 80 D 90 B 100D

UPSC Solved Sample Question Paper (Financial and General Awareness)

1. When did Regional Rural Banks start functioning in India?

2. Who was the Chairman of the Sixth Central Pay Commission?
Ans.Justice B. N. Srikrishna

3. The 11th Five Year Plan is termed as plan for.
Ans.India’s Education

4. Which of the following correctly describes what sub-prime lending is?
(1) Lending to the people with less than ideal credit status.
(2) Lending to the people who are high value customers of the banks.
(3) Lending to those who are not a regular customer
Ans.Only 1

5. The actual return of an investor is reduced sometimes as the prices of the commodities go up all of a sudden. In financial sector this type of phenomenon is known as:
Ans.Probability risk

6. Which of the following is the limitation of the ATMs owing to which people are required to visit branches of the bank?
(1) It does not accept deposits.
(2) It has a limited cash disbursement capacity.
(3) Lack of human interface.

7. The World Development Report 2009 is released by which of the following Organisations?
Ans.World Bank

8. Which of the following statements is/are TRUE about the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. which was in news sometimes back?
(1) The US government provided a US$ 7000 million bailout package to the company.
(2) The company filed for bankruptcy in a court in New York.
(3) The company is now out of financial crisis and is busy in its restructuring so that it can start afresh.
Ans.Only (2)

9. The Reserve Bank of India has recently issued guidelines to banks on Pillar 2 of Basel II framework. Pillar 2 deals with which of the following?
(1) Better human resource management
(2) Adequate capital to support risks
(3) Better profitability with minimum number of employees
Ans.None of these

10.The World Investment Report 2008 was released in September 20This report is published every year by:
Ans.United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD)

11. As we all know some new initiatives were introduced in the area of Fiscal Management by the government of India. Which of the following acts was passed a few years back to keep a check on the fiscal indiscipline on macroeconomic parameters?

12. Which of the following has the sole right of issuing paper notes in India?
Ans.Reserve Bank of India

13. Decision taken at Bretton Woods Conference led to the formation of

14. Which of the following is known as plastic money?
Ans.credit cards

15. Euro is the currency of European Union. When did it come into being?

16. Which is the largest commercial bank in India?
Ans.State Bank of India

17. The Bank of Calcutta, Bank of Bombay and Bank of Madras were merged in 1921 to form
Ans.Imperial Bank of India

18.In India, income tax is levied by
Ans.Union Government

19. The Reserve Bank of India was nationalized in?

20. What is a Bank which has capital and reserves of over Rs. 5 lakhs called?
Ans.Scheduled Bank

Speakers of Lok Sabha

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is the presiding officer of the lower house of Parliament of India. The speaker is elected in the very first meeting of the Lok Sabha after the General elections for a term of 5 years from amongst the members of the Lok Sabha. The date of election of speaker is fixed by the President. He is supposed to resign from his original party because as a speaker, he has to remain impartial.

Powers and functions of the Speaker

The Speaker presides over the sessions of the Lok Sabha and conducts the business in the house. He decides whether a bill is a money bill or a non money bill. He maintains discipline and decorum in the house and can punish a member for his unruly behaviour by suspending him. He permits the moving of various kinds of motions and resolutions like the motion of no confidence, motion of adjournment, motion of censure and calling attention notice. The Speaker decides on the agenda to be taken up for discussion during the meeting.

List of Speakers

01. G.V. Mavlankar - May 15, 1952 - February 27, 1956 (Indian National Congress)

02. M. A. Ayyangar - March 8, 1956 - April 16, 1962 (Indian National Congress)

03. Sardar Hukam Singh - April 17, 1962 - March 16, 1967 (Indian National Congress)

04. N. Sanjiva Reddy - March 17, 1967 - July 19, 1969 (Indian National Congress)

05. G. S. Dhillon - August 8, 1969 - December 1, 1975 (Indian National Congress)

06. Bali Ram Bhagat - January 15, 1976 - March 25, 1977 (Indian National Congress)

07. N. Sanjiva Reddy - March 26, 1977 - July 13, 1977 (Janata Party)

08. K.S. Hegde - July 21, 1977 - January 21, 1980 (Janata Party)

09. Balram Jakhar - January 22, 1980 - December 18, 1989 (Indian National Congress)

10. Rabi Ray - December 19, 1989 - July 9, 1991 (Janata Dal)

11. Shivraj Patil - July 10, 1991 - May 22, 1996 (Indian National Congress)

12. P.A. Sangma - May 25, 1996 - March 23, 1998 (Indian National Congress)

13. G.M.C. Balayogi - March 24, 1998 - March 3, 2002 (Telugu Desam Party)

14. Manohar Joshi - May 10, 2002 - June 2, 2004 (Shiv sena)

15. Somnath Chatterjee - June 4, 2004 - till date (C P I-M [now suspendend])

Kerala PSC| Solved Paper - Junior Assistant in Kerala State Industrial Enterprises Ltd. | Date of Exam: 17.01.2009

1. India has the world’s largest deposits of : Mica

2. The first Indian state to introduce the Panchayth Raj System : Rajasthan

3. The tenure of Rajya Sabha Member is : 6 Years

4. Who has won the Global Diversity Award November 2005 : Aiswarya Rai

5. International Literacy Day is observed on : September 8

6. The centenary of Olympic Games was celebrated at : Atlanta

7. When was ISRO setup : 1969

8. Which Maharaja of Travancore was an eminent composer of Carnatic Music :Swathi Thirunal

9. The basic regulatory authority for mutual fund and stock markets : Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)

10. Which seashore in Kerala is famous for deposit of mineral sand : Chavara

11. Which one of the following is a great circle : The Equator

12. The Odakkuzhal Award is given in the memory of : G.Sankarakurup

13. The first Indian woman to get Nobel Prize : Mother Teresa

14. Which of the following is the river valley civilization : Mesopotamian

15. The exact difference between Greenwich and Indian Standard time is : Five and a half hours

16. Pallava dynasty was established in 300 A.D. The capital city of Pallavas was : Kanchi

17. The Netaji subhash National Institute of Sports is located at : Patiala

18. The total length of Konkan Railway is : 760 Km

19. The Chairman of the Planning Commission is : Prime Minister

20. The practice of keeping more than one crop in a field is called : Mixed cropping

21. The type of rear view mirror in a car is : Convex

22. Credit of starting space research in India goes to : Vikram Sarabhai

23. The highest percentage in the atmosphere is of : Nitrogen

24. The medicine used to fight against Plague : Streptomycin

25. Which among the following is an astronomical unit of distance : Light Year

26. Television stations cannot transmit their regional programme to far off places because : They are not reflected by the ionosphere as radio waves.

27. Which is the name of the instrument used for measuring the blood pressure : Sphygmomanometer

28. Which of the following is an egg laying mammal : Platypus

29. A ligament connects : Bone and bone

30. Halley’s comet appears once in : 76 Years

31. Sheep herding is most common in : Steppe grasslands

32. Samuel. L. Clemens was popularly known as : Mark Twain

33. The two predominant gases that constitute the sun as fire ball are : Hydrogen and Helium

34. The two best paintings ‘Mono Lisa’ and ‘The Last Supper’ were painted by : Leonardo da Vinci

35. Open Sky policy means : Permission of foreign airlines.

36. ‘Kolla Varsham’ began in : A.D.825

37. When was the practice of “Sati” abolished in India : 1829

38. What is the study of coins is called : Numismatics

39. The words “Sathymeva Jayate” is taken from : Mundaka Upanishad

40. Which of the following cities has the modest temperature throughout the year : Bangalore

41. Under whose advice the president of India declares emergency under article 352 : The Prime Minister

42. The longest highway in India is from Varanasi to Kanyakumari . Which is that : N.H.7

43. The highest Indian Peak is: : Godwin Austin

44. What does UNESCO deal with : International Educational, Scientific and Cultural matters

45. Which organization is popularly called the “World Bank" :International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

46. Temporary tax levied to obtain revenue is called : Cess

47. Bordeaux Mixture, one of the best known fungicides is a mixture of : Copper Sulphate and Lime

48. Which is concerned with the study of ancient skeletal remains : Anthropological Survey of India

49. Kundara Proclamation in 1809 was made by : Veluthampi Dalawa

50. First Governor of Kerala was : B.Ramakrishnan Rao

51. The “Hollerith” Code is used with : Punched Card

52. Volatile memory means : Content will lose if power fails

53. A “T” State means : Portion of operation in a cycle

54. Memory interleaving means : Concurrency of operation of several independent memories

55. Which of the following flip-flop has only one input : D flip-flop

56. Computer’s processing speed is measured in : MIPS( Millions of Instructions Per Second)

57. Cache memory will be available : In between processor and RAM

58. Kernal is the program which interact with : User Programs and Computer hardware

59. The function of the DOS commands DIR/OD/S is : List all files in the directory including sub directories in date wise

60. GUI stands for : Graphical User Interface.

61. Alt+F4 is the short cut key used in windows for: Terminate the current application

62. Which type of Operating System reads and react in terms of actual time : Real time system

63. Which of the following contains a list of files in UNIX : Directory file

64. In Unix ‘grep’ command is used for: Search a word in a file

65. Which of the following is a DOS based word processing package : Word star

66. Which is the short cut key for search a word in a document is: Ctrl + F

67. In a word document, grammatical errors are marked with : Green Line

68. To select multiple words but not continuous in a document the key combination used is : Ctrl + mouse button

69. “Line space” in a word document means : Vertical spacing of lines

70. Auto text features : Generate the text just by typing a few letters

71. When the text in a document exceeds the length of a page, word insert : Soft Page Break

72. The feature available in MS Word to type data in row and column form : Tables

73. A Template is : A collection of formatting options

74. Which of the following feature of word processor has a document and a data source : Mail merge

75. A book mark is : A location in a table for quick reference

76. The short cut key used to make all caps : Ctrl + Shift +A

77. When dates are placed in a main document in a mail merge operation, data are placed in the symbols : Double angular Bracket

78. A hierarchical listing of heading within a document is called : Outline View

79. Which tool is used to copy the formatting from one place to another : Format Painter

80. Which of the following lists the term and topics of a document : Index

81. Duplex printing means : Printing in both sides of a page

82. A file with ‘.dot’ extension is associated with : Template

83. In Lotus 1-2-3, 1-2-3 indicates : Spreadsheets database and graphs

84. When a new Excel worksheet is opened, generally the number of worksheets available will be : 3

85. A ‘range’ in MS Excel means : Set of Cells

86. If a word in cell A1 is “kerala” and when type ‘k’ in the cell A2, MS Excel will display ‘kerala’ because of the feature : Auto complete

87. In which of the number format, the number is represented in exponential notation : Scientific

88. A line drawn around a cell or group of cell is : Border

89. Orientation in printing means : Direction of print in the paper.

90. Excel functions can be grouped into : 10 categories

91. The cell reference address $E$1 is: Absolute Mode

92. Which of the following chart requires only one data range : Pie Chart

93. Which of the following number format code will display insignificant digits also : 0

94. Which of the following feature of Excel selects record with a specified condition : Filter

95. What feature of Excel is used to type in error free values for an application : Data Validation

96. What is the short cut key for selecting format cells dialog box : Ctrl + 1

97. Which of the following error message will style with three options: Yes, No & Cancel : Warning

98. A series of worksheet rows that contain related data is : List

99. Which option of Alignment, in Format cell dialog, make the data type in cell, divides into more than one row : Wrap Text

100. Which of the following date format is used to display day names as Sunday, Monday…etc : dddd

Kerala PSC | Solved Paper - Scheduled Caste Development Officer Grade II | Date of Exam: 03.10.2009

1. During the decline of Mughal Empire, the Jats were organized into a political force by : Suraj Mal

2. The only Indian batsman to have scored a century in ODI in India-West Indies 2006 series was: Rahul Dravid

3. Which Indian got Nobel Prize in physics in 1930 : C.V.Raman

4. With what part or organ of the human body that the disease pyorrhoea is associated : Gums

5. HMT factory in Kerala is at : Kalamassery

6. The literary character “OROTHA” is in the novel written by : Kakkanadan

7. The first Chairperson of Kerala Womens’ Commission was : Sugathakumari

8. ---------- has got the recent Magsaysay Award for Rural Reporting : P Sainath

9. The first Railway Station built in India is at : Bori Banhar

10. Whose signature is found in one rupee notes in India : Secretary, Ministry of Finance

11. The Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development is situated in : Tamil Nadu

12. The Allahabad Pillar Inscription is associated with : Samudragupta

13. “Blue Lady” is : Norway’s Ship

14. Lingaraja temple is located at : Bhubaneswar

15. Sanskrit became the official language under the rule of : Guptas

16. Alexander Fleming : Discovered Penicillin

17. “Readers Digest” is now published by : The India Today Group

18. The Rural Employment Programme, Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was launched in: April 1989

19. “Kathakali” is performing arts form in : Kerala

20. ‘My Music, My Life’ is the autobiography of : Pandit Ravi Shankar

21. The hormone insulin is : Peptide

22. Nanda Devi peak forms a part of : Kumaon Himalayas

23. --------City is near to Tropic of Cancer : Kolkata

24. “Gurusagaram” is written by : O.V.Vijayan

25. How many sagas in Ramayana : 500

26. The mythical river originating from Manasarovar is : Sarayu

27. The author of the Malayalam novel “Nalukettu” is : M T Vasudevan Nair

28. ------- became first Women Minister of Kerala : K R Gouri

29. The first Women Governor of India was : Sarojini Naidu

30. The Spices Board is situated at : Kochi

31. Numismatics is the study of : Coins

32. “Silver Jubilee” is the celebration of : 25th Anniversary

33. ‘Knot” is the measure to know : The speed of Ship

34. Ranganathitoo Bird Sanctuary is situated in : Karnataka

35. ------ is called “City of Golden Gate” : San Fransisco

36. Raghu Rai is a well known : Photographer

37. ‘Participatory Notes’ are associated with : Foreign Institutional Investment

38. “Akbar Nama” was written by : Abul Fazal

39. ----- is called “Frontier Gandhi” : Abdul Ghaffar Khan

40. Rogers Cup is associated with : Tennis

41. International Literacy Day is observed on : September 8

42. “Cathy Pacific” is the Airways of : Hong Kong

43. The Headquarters of International Labour Organization is in : Geneva

44. Kohutek is the name of a /an : Comet

45. Line drawn parallel to the equator are called : Latitudes

46. Rinkit is the currency of : Malaysia

47. Manikaran Power Plant is in : Himachal Pradesh

48. How many zones are there for Indian Railways : 16

49. ------ is the longest railway platform in the World : Kharagpur(India)

50. The Food Corporation of India was set up in : 1968

51. Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration is in : Mussorie

52. ------- was set up to review the concept of poverty line was : Lakdawala Committee

53. The first Chairman of Indian Planning Commission was : Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

54. The celebrated work on Indian economic history “The Industrial Evolution of India in Recent Times” was written by : R C Datt

55. Arya Samaj was founded by : Swami Dayananda Saraswathi

56. Who ordered firing for the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre” : O’Dwyer

57. The export of slaves from India was banned by : Firoz Tughlag

58. Glass is best described as : Super Cooled liquid

59. A radar detects, the presence of an enemy aircraft uses : Radio waves

60. There are ----- Union Territories in India : 6

61. -------- Languages are recognized as regional languages in the Constitution : 18

62. Fundamental Duties were incorporated in the Constitutional of India by : 42nd Amendment Act

63. By which Constitutional Amendment Bill was the voting age reduced from 21 years to 18 years : 61st

64. Gandhian Principles have been enunciated in the : Directive Principles

65. A Bat is a : Mammal

66. A Cockroach has : Three pairs of walking legs

67. Deficiency if iron in human diet causes : Anaemia

68. Alloys in which mercury is one of the metals are called : Amalgamus

69. Asoka’s contemporary Greek King of Syria mentioned in his edict was : Antiochus II Theos

70. Which of the following are correctly matched : (d) Non-Cooperation Movement-1920

71. Choose the word closest in meaning to the word “Confer” : Grant

72. The object in the sentence ‘She threw it away’ is : It

73. He earns his living by working in a factory. The gerund in this sentence is : working

74. A little progress has been achieved, ------------? : Hasn’t it

75. ------------ Rose is ------------ beautiful flower : The, a

76. I never buy detective stories. In this sentence the adverb is ----------- : Never

77. The object in the sentence ‘I must get my shoes mended’ is : My shoes

78. ‘Entomology’ means: study of : Insects

79. ‘Polygamy’ means : Having more than one mate

80. In the sentence ‘India has started producing atomic bombs’, the gerund is : producing

81. We set out our journey when the rain stopped. The principal clause in the sentence is : We set out our journey

82. ‘Poaching’ means : Illegal killing of protected animals

83. ‘I love working in my garden’. The gerund in the sentence is : Working

84. He is reconciled ---------------- my loss : To

85. My brother has wealth, fame rank and power. This sentence is a ----------- sentence : Simple

86. He is not a person ------------ I would trust : Whom

87. They ----------- such camps for the last five years : Conducted

88. The mis-spelt word among the following : (d)Achivement

89. Parents have to provide------- their children : For

90. Rani says, “I am very fine” (Change into indirect speech) : Rani says that she is very fine.

91. If he ----- here, he could explain it in detail : Were

92. Which of the following is closest in meaning to ‘Squabble’ : Quarrel

93. Everyone is responsible for it, ……….? : Aren’t they

94. ----------- University order approves it, but ---------------uniform decision is to be taken : A, a

95. Choose the correct sentence from the following : (b)The boys went to a cinema last night

96. Advertise the notification(Change into Passive) : Let the notification be advertised

97. ------- wins the race( Use a phrase) : Slow and steady

98. The synonym of ‘Dexterous’ is : Skilful

99. The antonym of ‘Loquacious’ is : Taciturn

100. We---------(Complete) the whole work by May.(Supply the correct form of the verb) : Shall have completed

Kerala PSC | Solved Paper - System Manager EDP Manager | Date of Exam : 03.04.2009

1. In a memory, the minimum time delay between the initiation of successive memory operations is : cycle time

2. The first Operating System used in Microprocessor based system was : CP/M

3. The Boolean expression A(B+C)+AB+AC is independent of the Boolean variable : B

4. A byte addressable computer has memory capacity of 4096 KB and can perform 64 operations. An instruction involving 3 memory operands and one operator needs :
72 bits

5. Which addressing mode used in an instruction of the form ADD X, Y : Absolute

6. The addressing mode used in the stack related instruction PUSH B is : Register indirect

7. Parallel printers use : Centronics interface

8. An assembler that runs on one machine, but generating code for another machine is called : Cross assembler

9. A computer with a 32 bit wide data bus implements its memory using 8 K x 8 static RAM chips. The smallest memory that this computer can have is : 32 KB

10. To construct a binary Mod-N counter, the number of flip-flops needs is : Log2N

11. The total number of possible ordered trees using 3 nodes A,B,C is : 12

12. The binary search algorithm is of order : log n

13. The minimum number of edges in a connected cyclic graph on N vertices is : N

14. The execution time of a recursive algorithm is given as ; T(n)=c+T(n-1), if n>1 =d, if n≤1. The order of the algorithm is : n

15. Assuming 2 sorted lists of sizes ‘S1 ’ and ‘S2’, the worst case number of comparisons needed by the merge sort algorithm is : S1+S2 -1

16. If an M x N matrix is stored in column major form, the index calculation required to access the (i, j)th entry is : M .(j-1)+i

17. Four different algorithms L1, L2, L3 and L4 with orders of log(n), log{log(n)}, n log(n) and n/log(n) respectively have been proposed to solve a specified problem.

Which of these is the best one : L2

18. The principle of locality of reference is cited to justify the usage of : Cache memory

19. On a particular system, using Quick sort, if it takes 100 msec to sort 1000 records, time taken to sort 100 records will be : 6.7msec

20. In traversing a tree using Breadth First Search, the data structure used is : Queue

21. In a data base, the column of a table is referred to as the : Attribute

22. The part of a program which accesses a shared resource and which should be executed indivisibly is called : Critical section

23. In a database design, if every non-key attribute is functionally dependent on the primary key, then the relation will be in : Third normal form

24. An attribute of one table matching the primary key of another table is known as : Foreign Key

25. Given the functional dependencies X →Y; Y→Z; X →W and Z →AB, which of the following does not hold good : W → Z

26. SQL stands for ------------ Query Language : Structured

27. In SQL databases, the memory area used for internal processing is called : Cursor

28. The number of relationships in which an entity can appear in an E-R diagram is called its : Cardinality

29. The process of analyzing, archived data to obtain tactical and strategic information is often called : Data mining

30. If a relation is in Boyce-Codd normal form, then it is also in : 3rd Normal form

31. RAID is a standard used in the design of : Disk Memory

32. In an OS, the process of buffering data intended for a peripheral device, onto a disk area, for later bulk transfer is known as : Spooling

33. Kernel in Operating System is : A set of primitive functions upon which OS functions are built.

34. Which of the following scheduling policy is most suited for a time sharing OS : Round Robin

35. For real time OS, which of the following is the most suitable scheduling scheme : Preemptive

36. In a paged memory, access times of primary and secondary memories are 10ns and 100ns respectively. If the average access time is 23.5 nsec, hit ratio is : .85

37. The size of the virtual memory depends on the size of : Address bus

38. Three processes A, B, C have peak time demands of 3, 4, 6 resource units respectively of a particular type. What is the minimum number of resources to be provided

to ensure that deadlock never occurs : 11

39. A computer has 8 MB in main memory, 128 KB cache with block size of 4KB. If direct mapping scheme is used, how many different main memory blocks can map into

a given physical cache block : 64

40. The technique that allows only one user to work with a file at a particular time is called : Locking

41. The UNIX operating system was first installed in : PDP/7

42. MS-DOS makes use of a hardware ROM containing device drivers called : BIOS

43. In UNIX, which of the following system calls transform an executable binary file into a process : Exec

44. Berkeley UNIX is popularly known as : BSD Unix

45. In UNIX, ‘grep’ program is used for implementing : Filters

46. TSR software refers to : Terminate and Stay Resident

47. Unix and MS-DOS file system differ in the following feature : Mounted file systems

48. In DOS, file allocation is carried out using : FAT

49. In UNIX ‘link’ refers to : New directory entry pointing to an existing file

50. For implementing recursion in a programming language, its compiler uses the following data structure extensively : Stack

51. In a hypothetical language, assume that all arithmetic operators have equal precedence and associate to the left. The expression 6x3-2-1x2 evaluates to : 18

52. Which of the following instructions is redundant (can be implemented by other conventional ones) : Clear x

53. BNF is a meta language for : Specifying a context free grammar

54. In JAVA language, what will be result of evaluating the expression 25 & 13 : 9

55. In JAVA , after execution of the following statements, the values of x, m, and n will be :
int x, m, n;
x=++m +n++; : x=26, m=11,n=16

56. What will be the output of the following JAVA code :

byte x=64, y;
system.out.println(y); : 0

57. Hot Java is a : Web browser

58. Which of the following typecasts result in loss of information : float to int

59. JAVA toolkit package containing classes that implement platform independent GUI is : AWT

60. The JAVA language was originally called : OAK

61. A program Graph has ‘start’ and ‘end’ nodes. The total number of paths from start to end is equivalent to the -----------set of test data required to test the software

: minimum

62. In a Program Graph, ‘X’ is an if-then-else node. If the number of paths from start node to X is ‘p’ number of paths from if part to end node is ‘q’ and from else part

to end node is ’r’, the total number of possible paths through X is : P(q+r)

63. The quality of a software which causes it to continue to operate despite application of invalid input is called : Robustness

64. A program P calls 2 subprograms P1 and P2. If P1 can fail 50% of the times and P2, 40% of the times, P can fail -----------of the times : 70%

65. Consider a Program Graph (PG) with statements as nodes and control as edges. Which of the following is not true for any PG : Always acyclic

66. In program design, if the number of conditions in a decision table is ‘n’, the maximum number of rules(columns) possible is : 2n

67. In Data Flow Diagrams(DFD), the procedure of expanding a process in the DFD into a set of equivalent smaller processes is called : levelling

68. In programming languages, literal means : String Constant

69. In Object Oriented Software Design, which of the following is not true : An object can belong to 2 classes

70. Consider the program segment comprising of 3 statements :
y=y-x where x and y are integers. Execution of these 3 statements do the following : Swap the contents of x and y

71. What will be the output of execution of the following statements in C :
for (i=3;i<15;i+=3)
{printf(“% d”, i);
} : 3 7 11

72. In C, puts (arg V[0]; prints the : File name of executable code file

73. Who is credited with the creation of WWW : Tim Berners-Lee

74. Which of the following is not a web browser : HTML

75. MIME is associated with the following : E mail

76. The mode of communication in which transmission can be bidirectional. But in only one direction at a time is called : Half Duplex

77. Error detection at the data link layer is achieved using : CRC codes

78. In Serial communication, start and stop bits are used for : Synchronization

79. In a transmitter, the unmodulated signal is known as : Baseband signal

80. In a computer network, routing issues are handled in : Network Layer

81. In a computer network, functions of dialog management and synchronization are taken care of in the : Session’s layer

82. Which of the following topologies has the highest reliability : Mesh

83. In data communications, bauds signify ---------- rate : Signaling

84. ADSL is abbreviation for : Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

85. The topmost layer in the ISO model that needs to be implemented in an intermediate node is the -----------layer : Network

86. VPN denotes a : Virtual Private Network

87. Data rate of a ring network is 20Mbps and signal propagates at 200m/µsec. The number of bits that can be placed on the channel of length 200km is : 20000bits

88. The frequency range over which coaxial cables are typically used is : 106 to 108 Hz

89. In internet, the well known port 21 refers to the application : FTP

90. The maximum data rate possible through a noise free 4 kHz binary channel is : 8000 bps

91. The transparency provided in a distributed system where users cannot tell how many copies of a resource exist is termed as : Replication transparency

92. Which of the following configurations can be said to be tightly coupled : Shared memory multiprocessors

93. In distributed systems, RPC stands for : Remote Procedure Call

94. Assume there are 4 file servers each with a 0.95 chance of being up at any instant. Probability of at least one being available is : 1-(.05)4

95. Which of the following category of classification of multiple computer systems is not generally used in practice : MISD

96. In a distributed system, to ensure that concurrent transactions do not interfere with each other, the transactions must have the following specific property :


97. Translation Lookaside Buffer(TLB) is also called : Associative Memory

98. In Internet Standards Terminology, RFC refers to : Request For Comments

99. Which of the following denotes a network management protocol in an internet : SNMP

100. IEEE 802.11 is an IEEE standard for : Wireless LAN

Solved Paper - Assistant Grade II - Kerala State Beverages (M&M) Corporation

1. I will complete the course in ------------- year : a

2. While walking -------------the small door I hurt my head : Through

3. Which of these chairs did you sit------------? :In

4. If DONKEY: BRAYS then WOLF:Howls

5. The thief was caught----------. The suitable idiom is: Red handed

6. The idiom it’s all Greek and Latin to me means: Something I don’t understand

7. I was all eyes to see what he would do. The words italicized mean: Eagerly watching

8. Beware of that wolf in sheep’s skin. The closest meaning to this idiom is: Hypocrite

9. The phrase black sheep means: Misfit

10. Just now my hands are full. My hands are full closely means: I am very busy

11. ‘KIMONO’ is the dress style of: Japan

12. Madam Curie : Isolated Radium

13. The author of the book “The Wonder That was India” is: A.L. Basham

14. The First Chief Minister of Kerala was: E.M.S.Namboothiripad

15. The state of Kerala was formed on: 1 November 1956

16. The Navel Academy is situated in Kerala at: Ezhimala

17. Edakkal Cave is in: Wyanad

18. The largest Taluk in Kerala is: Ernad

19. The Head Quarters of Kerala High Court is at: Kochi

20. The First Woman Supreme Court Judge was: C.Fatima Beevi

21. The first Governor of Kerala was: Ramakrishna Rao

22. The First Arts and Science College in Kerala is: CMS College, Kottayam

23. The Sabarigiri Hydro Electric Project is built in the river: Pampa

24. The Hydro Electric Project in Kerala is: Pallivasal

25. The HQ(Head Quarters) of Wyanad district is: Kalpetta

26. The District which has no forests in Kerala is: Alappuzha

27. The Architect of Cochin sea Port was: Robert Bristo

28. ---------- city is alled “Venice of East”: Alappuzha

29. Malabar Cement Factory is in: Walayar

30. The place where getting highest rainfall in Kerala is: Lakkidi

31. ISOBARS connect points of equal: Pressure

32. LOTI is the currency of: Lesotho

33. Copper is produced in: Rajasthan and Bihar

34. Rana Pratap Sagar is located in: Rajasthan

35. The Chairman of the Planning Commission of India is: Prime Minister

36. Five Year Plans in India are approved by: National Development Council

37. The Raj Committee (1972) probed: Agricultural holding Tax

38. Panchayat Raj has got constitutional status with the ---------Amendment Act: 73rd

39. Fundemental Rights are enshrined in PART---------------- of Constitution of India: III

40. How many members can be nominated to Loksabha by President? : 2

41. Acharya Vinoba Bhave’s Paunar Ashram is in: Maharashtra

42. A rocket works on the principle of conservation of: Linear momentum

43. The best conductor of electricity is : Silver

44. Glass is a good: Insulator

45. A catalyst: Alters the velocity of reaction

46. Carbon occurs in nature in the purest form as: Diamond

47. The Newspaper “DAWN” is published in: Karachi

48. International Women’s Day is observed on: March 8

49. IBERIAN AIRLINES is the official airlines of: Spain

50. The Head Quarters of World Health Organisation (WHO) is in: Geneva

51. The largest slum in India is in: Mumbai

52. ---------- is the author of ‘Ain-i-Akbari’: Abul fazal

53. Hopman Cup is associated with: Tennis

54. Who is called ‘Deshabandhu’?: C.R. Das

55. ---------- got Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913: Rabindranath Tagore

56. Tarapore Committee was associated with: Fuller Capital Account Convertibility

57. Arundathi Roy is well known: Writer-Social activist

58. ------------ is called ‘Forbidden city’: Lahsa

59. ------------ is the leading producer of Uranium: Canada

60. Aspirin was invented in 1899 by: Felix Hoffman (Germany)

61. Entomology is the study of: Insects

62. “An Area of Darkness” is written by: V.S. Nai Paul

63. Which of the following was the First Indian Institute of Technology? : IIT Kharagpur

64. Who became the first Miss India? : Rieta Faria

65. ---------- has the highest population density as per 2001 Census: West Bengal

66. From which of the following stations that India launched its first successful multipurpose communication and meteorology satellite, INSAT I B on 30 August 1983? :
Cape Canaveral (USA)

67. The Head Office of Kerala Civil Supplies Corporation is at: Ernakulam

68. Under whose patronage Kutabminar was built?: Kutabdeen Ibek

69. The First Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was: C.N Annadurai

70. Spherometer is: An instrument used for measuring the curvature of spherical objects

71. The largest shipyard in India is: Kochi

72. PNEUMOCONIOSIS afflicts the workers who works mainly in: Coalmining industries

73. ---------------- is a well known flute exponent: Ronu Mazumdar

74. ------------- was the First Chief Justice of India: Harilal J Kania

75. “EMPLOYMENT NEWS” is published by: Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

76. “YAKSHAGANA” is a popular folk art of: Karnataka

77. The NREP (National Rural Employment Programme) was launched in: October 1980

78. ANGSTROM is the unit of : Wavelength of light

79. The Thermal Power Plant at Bokaro is located in: Jharkhand

80. Disease caused by deficiency of Vitamin C is : Scurvy

81. The bus pass is ---------- for a year: Valid

82. A philatelist collects ---------------: Stamps

83. No one could understand ------------: What he was saying

84. We have been trying to solve the problem -------------: For two days

85. The fear of high places ----------- quite common: Is

86. If she were selected, she ------------------ a good secretary: Would make

87. Either the pen or the paper ------------------- defective: Is

88. Find the word that is rightly spelt: (a)moskitoes (b)mosqwitoes (c)mosquitose (d)mosquitoes : Mosquitoes

89. Choose the correctly spelt word: (a) Refrigerator (b)refrigarator (c)refregerator (d)rafrigerator : Refrigerator

90. Choose the word that is closest in meaning to the word plead : (a)set out (b)conclude (c)intend (d)beg for : Beg for

91. The closest meaning of the word ulcer is : Open sore

92. Find the word that is opposite in meaning to the word permit: Forbid

93. Choose the wrongly spelt word : (a)permenant (b)affection (c)affectation (d)conscientious : Permenant

94. Select the word opposite meaning to ever: Never

95. Comatose best means: Deeply unconscious

96. Choose the correct preposition for the sentence: I admit I am very fond ----------him : of

97. The suitcase is made ---------- leather : Of

98. You won’t tell them what has happened, ----------------? : Will you

99. Change into indirect speech: He said, “I have passed the examination.” : He said that he had passed the examination

100. They have bought a new car, ----------? : Haven’t they

LDC Solved Questions For Varies PSC

1. What were the ahdis of Akbar’s time?
(a) Village level money-lenders
(b) Village guards
(c) Cashiers working in diwani
(d) Foot-soldiers in the army
Ans (b)
2. With reference to Delhi Sultanate who was the founder Sayyid Dyvasty?
(a) Khizr Khan
(b) Mubarak Shah
(c) Muhammad Shah
(d) Ala-ud-din Alam Shah
Ans (a)
3. Which one among the following kinds of organisms resides in the roots of pulse Plants to do nitrogen fixation?
(a). Bacteria
(b). Fungi
(c). Protozoa
(d). Virus
Ans (a)
4. Cloves, used as a spice, are derived from which of the following plant parts
(a) Seeds
(b) Fruits
(c) Flower buds
(d) Young leaves
Ans (c)
5. In the human body, Cowper’s glands form a part of which one of the following?
(a) Digestive system
(b) Endocrine system
(c) Reproductive system
(d) Nervous system.
Ans (c)
6. Which one of the following glands produces the Growth Hormone (Somatotropin)?
(a) Adrenal
(b) Pancreas
(c) Pituitary
(d) Thyroid
Ans (c)
7. Which one of the following groups of animals are primates?
(a) Giraffes and Zebras
(b) Kangaroos and Koalas
(c)Lemurs and Lorises
(d) Rabbits and Hares
Ans (c)
8. Which one of the following is included in the World List of Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO?
(a) Kinnaur Region
(b) Spiti Valley
(c) Nallamalai Hills
Ans (d)
9. Consider the following statements:
1. Cigarette smoking exposes a person to benzene.
2. Benzene is known carcinogen.
Which of the statements given above is / are correct?
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2
Ans (c)
10. Which of the following gases is released from rice fields in the most prominent quantities?
(a) Carbon dioxide
(b) Methane
(c) Carbon monoxide
(d) Sulphur dioxide
Ans (b)
11. Which of the following nutrients is not a structural component of the plant?
(a) Nitrogen
(b) Calcium
(d) Potassium
Ans (b)
12. Where is the Central Rice Research Institute located?
(a) Bengaluru
(b) Kanpur
(c) Coimbatore
Ans (d)
13. Dim-vision in the evening and night results from the deficiency of which one of the following?
(a) Vitamin A
(b) Vitamin E
(c) Vitamin B12
(d) Vitamin C
Ans (a)
14. Consider the following statements:
1. Nobel Peace Prize is presented annually in Oslo by the King of Norway.
2. The Nobel laureate receives three things-a diploma, a medal and a document confirming the prize amount.
Which of the statements given above is / are correct?
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2
Ans (c)
15. Consider the following statements:
1. India has 10 Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (PHWRs).
2. The spent fuel from the PHWRs is reprocessed into plutonium.
3. All imported reactors are under the safeguards of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
Which of the statements given above is / are correct?
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) 2 and 3 only
(d) 1, 2 and 3
Ans (c)
16. Who among the following won the Wimbledon Women’s Tennis Championship, 2007?
(a) Amelie Mauresmo
(b) Venus Williams
(c) Marion Bartoli
(d) Svetlana Kuznetsova
Ans (b)
17. Adoor Gopalakrishnan, the recipient of Phttp://india.gov.in/myindia/padmavibhushan_awards_list1.phpadma Vibhushan award, 2006 is associated with which one of the following fields?

(a) Civil Services
(b) Art
(c) Literature and Education
(d) Social Work
Ans (b)
18. Consider the following statements:
1. Dinosaurs roamed the earth during the Mesozoic era.
2. All Dinosaurus and other reptiles such as Ichthyosaurus and Pterosaurus. became extinct due to unknown reasons in Triassic period.
Which of the statements above given is / are correct?
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c)Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2
Ans (a)
19. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the Lists:
List-I List-II
A Mercury 1 God of the Under world and Death
B Pluto 2 God of Commerce, Eloquence and skill
C Mars 3 God of the Sea
D Neptune 4 God of War
(a) A B C D
3 1 4 2
(b) A B C D
2 4 1 3
(c) A B C D
3 4 1 2
(d) A B C D
2 1 4 3
Ans (d)
20. The persons working in textile factories such as carpet weavers are exposed to which of the following occupational disease?
(a) Asbestosis
(b) Asthma and Tuberculosis
(d) Siderosis
Ans (b)
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Kerala PSC LDC Expected Questions

1. The species to which present day man belongs to
Ans. Homo sapiens
2. The cultivation of crops brought about such great changes in man’s life that it marks the beginning of a new age that is known as the
Ans. Neolithic age
3. The first species of animal which appears to have been tamed is the
Ans. Dog
4. The first metal to be discovered and used for making tools was
Ans. Copper
5. The first known civilization in India is called Indus Valley Civilization because
Ans. The important sites which were excavated first are located in the valley of the river Indus.
6. A great tank, now called the Great Bath, was found in
Ans. Mohenjodaro.
7. Lothal had a structure which, according to some archaeologists, was a
Ans. Dockyard.
8. Chandragupta Maurya built the first great empire in India with the help of
Ans. Kautilya.
9. The most important kingdom in Deccan and central India after the Mauryas was the
Ans. Satavahanas.
10. The foreign traveler who visited India during the rule of the Guptas was
Ans. Fa Hein
11. The Jains believe that Mahavira was the last of the
Ans. Tirthankaras
12. The Buddhist sect which started worshipping the Buddha as a god is known as
Ans. Mahayana
13. The influence of Greek and Roman sculpture is very evident, in the
Ans. Gandhara School
14. One of the most outstanding of ancient Indian astronomers was
Ans. Aryabhatta.
15. The Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders, was constructed by
Ans. Shih Hwang Ti
16. Alexander’s general who attacked India and was defeated by Chandragupta Maurya was
Ans. Seleucus.
17. Who is considered to be the father of geometry
Ans. Euclid.
18. Who was the first to suggest that one could reach India from Europe by sailing west?
Ans. Erasthothenes
19. The city which became a holy place for three major world religions-Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is
Ans. Jerusalem.
20. The day on which Jesus is said to have been crucified is
Ans. Good Friday
21. Mohammed, the prophet of Islam, was born in
Ans. Mecca.
22. The most remarkable, Chola achievement was
Ans. Local self-government in villages.
23. The scholar who accompanied Mahmud of Ghazni in India was
Ans. Al-Beruni.
24. The religious movement which arose in medieval India as a result of the fusion of the many ideas of Islam and Hinduism was
Ans. The Bhakti movement
25. Leonardo da Vinci is known for his painting called.
Ans. The Last Supper.
26. Name the first scientist who actually saw the sun, stars and planets through a telescope he had made.
Ans. Galileo
27. The last biggest western power to have an industrial revolution was
Ans. Russia.
28. Karl Marx’s appeal was directed primarily to
Ans. Industrial workers.
29. ‘Man is born free, yet everywhere he is in chains’. Who said these words?
Ans. Rousseau
30. Which is the document associated with the French Revolution?
Ans. Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
31. Simon Bolivar was a great leader of which movement?
Ans. Latin American revolutionary movement
32. Karl Marx advocated the establishment of a
Ans. Classless society
33. The atom bomb was first tested in
Ans. July 1945
34. The British were able to conquer India in 18th century by
Ans. Taking advantage of the political, social and economic weakness of Indian society
35. The British Government in India became the paramount power in the country in
Ans. 1857
36. The earliest figure in the awakening of modern India was
Ans. Raja Ram Mohan Roy
37. Who was the first Indian to be elected the British Parliament?
Ans. Dadabhai Naoroji
38. The headquarters of the Theosophical Society in India was at
Ans. Adayar
39. Who regarded education and education alone as a means of national progress?
Ans. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
40. The first newspaper in India was
Ans. The Bengal Gazette
41. Who came to be known as the ‘Grand Old Man of India’?
Ans. Dadabhai Naoroji.
42. The first president of the Indian National Congress was
Ans. W.C. Banerjee
43. Which of the following was not a moderate leader?
Ans. Aurobindo Ghosh
44. Who declared ‘The only hope for India is from the masses. The upper classes are physically and morally dead’?
Ans. Swami Vivekananda
45. The most outstanding representative of the militant nationalist school of thought was
Ans. BAL Gangadhar Tilak
46. The first split in Congress took place in 1907 at
Ans. Surat
47. The cancellation of the partition of Bengal was announced in
Ans. 1911
48. The system of separate electorates was introduced by the Act of
Ans. 1909
49. The All India Muslim League was founded under the leadership of
Ans. Agha Khan and Mohsin ul Mulk
50. The movement in India which became popular during the First World War was the
Ans. Home Rule Movement
51. The first united congress since 1907 was the
Ans. Lucknow Congress
52. The weekly journal started by Gandhiji was
Ans. Young India
53. The first great experiment in Satyagraha came in 1917 in
Ans. Champaran
54. A public meeting was held on April 13, 1919 in Jallianwala Bagh to
Ans. Protest against the Rowlatt Act
55. Who became know as ‘Deshbandhu’?
Ans. Chittaranjan Das
56. Who formed the Swaraj Party in 1923 in protest against the suspension of Non Co operation Movement?
Ans. C.R. Das and Motilal Nehru
57. The first Indian to be elected to the leadership of Communist International was
Ans. M.N. Roy
58. The nationalist leader who died due to injuries inflicted by the police during the demonstration against the Simon Commission was
Ans. Lala Lajpat Rai
59. The Lahore session of Congress of 1929 is historic as
Ans. It passed a resolution declaring poorna swaraj to be the Congress objective



For making sure your place in state services exams you just need to understand the way of selecting the questions in exams. Just attempt the given questions in data bank and this will help you to evaluate yourself.

1. In which country did the first Marxist revolution take place?
(A) Germany
(B) Italy
(C) Great Britain
(D) Russia


2. As per the Constitution of India, what is the limit prescribed for the number of members in the Legislative Assembly of a State?
(A) 350 members
(B) 400 members
(C) 450 members
(D) 500 members

3. Due to the leadership and success in which one of the following did Vallabhbhai Patel get the title of ‘Sardar’?
(A) Kheda Satyagraha
(B) Non-Cooperation Movement
(C) Bardoli Satyagraha ‘
(D) Civil Disobedience Movement

5. Who among the following appoints the Judges of a High Court?
(A) The President of India
(B) The Chieflustice of India '
(C) The Governor ofthe State concemed
(D) The Union Minister of Law

6. Who of the following started Swaraj Party?
(A) Bipin Chandra Pal and Rajendra Prasad
(B) Bipin Chandra Pal and Subhash Chandra Bose
(C) C. R. Das and Motilal Nehru
(D) C. R. Das and Madan Mohan Malaviya

7. Who of the following was associated with the August Offer?
(A) Lord Wavell
(B) Lord Irwin
(C) Lord Linlithgow
(D) Lord M0untbatten

8. Which one among the following was fought earliest?
(A) Battle of Ambur
(B) Battle of Buxar
(C) Battle of Plassey
(D) Battle of Wandiwash

9. During Aurangzeb’s reign, whose duty was it to see that people lived their lives in accordance with the ‘Sharia’?
(A) Ahadis
(B) Mansabdars
(C) Muhtasibs
(D) Walashuhis

l0. Gautam Buddha delivered his first sermon at which one of the following places?
(A) Kushinagar
(B) Samath
(C) BodhGaya
(D) Lumbini

11. Which is the rarest naturally occurring element on earth?
(A) Gold
(B) Antimony
(C) Germanium
(D) Astatine

12. Which one ofthe following pairs of elements is most essential for building cells in the human body?
(A) Nitrogen and aluminum
(B) Carbon and calcium
(C) Nitrogen and carbon
(D) Calcium and phosphorus

Directions. Q. 13-21: Each of the following nine items consists of a word in capital letters, followed by four words or, groups of words; Select the word or group of words that is most similar in meaning to the word in capital letters.

(a) Talented child
(b) Reserved person
(c) Leading character
(d) Fearless

(a) Lukewarm
(b) Old-fashioned
(c) Energy
(d) Fraud

(a) Questionable
(b) Resistance
(c) Absurdity
(d) Bittercriticism

(a) Boast
(b) Desire
(c) Ineptitutie
(d) Joke

(a) Clamorous
(b) Scrap
(c) Nippy
(d) Urbane

(a) Humble
(b) Morsel
(c) Sullen
(d) Repugnant

(a) Musical
(b) Mystify
(c) Thrash
(d) Relinquish

(a) Story
(b) Humid
(c) Prison
(d) Rumour

(a) Enquiry
(b) Indirect reference
(c) Innovation
(d) Inorganic

Directions. Q. 22-32: this section you have three short passages. After each passage, you will find several questions based on the passage. First, read a passage, and answer the questions based on it. You are required to select your answers based on the contents of the passage and opinion of the author only.

When a bee, or an ant, beetle, moth or butterfly visits a flower for food, it Simultaneously, and without knowing it, performs another vital function by carrying pollen from one plant to another. But not all flowers are visited by insects. A reliable guide to those that are, is their flamboyance, if the petals are large and colourful, lf they smell sweet, it is because the paint needs to attract insects. Some plants have flowers which are graceful but not showy and, therefore, of no interest to insects. In this case the pollen is carried by the wind. Most flowers manufacture these minute grains called pollen which must be transferred to another flower of the same type before they can make seeds.

22. Which one of the following is correct? Insects visit flowers because they
(a) want to carry pollen from one flower to another.
(b) are attracted by the bright colours.
(c) wish to obtain food.
(d) are in search of a mate.

23. Which one of the following is correct? Insects carry pollen from one flower to another
(a) Deliberately.
(b) Unconsciously.
(c) Reluctantly.
(d) With extreme care.

24. Which one of the following is correct? When insects carry-pollen from one flower to another
(a) they help the flowers to make seeds,
(b) the flowers become colourful and smell sweet.
(c) the insects find it easy to take food from the flowers.
(d) they help the plants to grow beautiful flowers.

25. Which one of the following is correct? The fact that sorne flowers are flamboyant implies
(a) that some plants do not need pollination.
(b) that welcan distinguish between flowers pollinated by insects and those that are not.
(c) that flowers are more improvement to some plants than they are to others.
(d) that bright colours are important to all flowers.

26. Which one of the following is correct? Plants that do not have showy flowers
(a) get their pollen transferred to other flowers by wind.
(b) produce more pollen than others.
(c) don’t reproduce easily.
(d) are very few .in number.

Not all sounds made by animals serve for communication, and we have only to turn to that extraordinary discovery of echo-location in bats to see a case in which the voice plays a strictly tilitarian role.
To get a full appreciation of what this means we must turn first to some recent human inventions. Everyone knows that lf person shouts in the vicinity of a wall or a mountainside, an echo will come back. The further off this solid obstruction, the longer time will elapse for the return of the echo; A sound made by tapping on the hull of a ship will be reflected from the sea bottom, and by measuring the time interval between the taps and the receipt of the echoes, the depth of the sea at that point can be calculated. So was born the echo—sounding apparatus, now in general use in ships. Every solid object will reflect a sound, varying according to the size of and nature of the object. A shoal of fish will do this. So it is comparatively simple step from locating the sea bottom to locating a shoal of fish. With experience, and with improved apparatus, it is now possible not only to locate a shoal, but to tell if it is herring, cod, or other well-known fish, by the pattern of its echo.
A few year ago it was found that certain ‘bats’ emit squeaks and by receiving the echoes they could locate and steer clear of obstacles or locate flying insects on which they feed. This echo-location in bats is often compared with radar, the principle of
which is similar.
27. Which one of the following is correct'?
In the first paragraph, the writer says that bats use sound for
(a) communicating with one another
(b) communicating with animals in general
(c) some practical purpose .
(d) fun

28. Which one of the following, is correct?
An echo will come back if you shout near
(a) solid obstruction
(b) only wall
(c) only a mountainside
(d) the sea

29. Which one of the following is correct ?
Echo-location was first discovered in
(a) bats
(b) cods
(c) navigation,
(d) radars

Perhaps the best political epigram of recent years is the saying that this is the century of the common man. The coming of this century can be seen far back in the extension of the suffrage and later in the development of social legislation. For many years all men have been equal before the law, every adult man and woman has the vote. We are slowly creating economic democracy, that is, such a measure of economic freedom that poverty prevents no one from taking his part in public affairs or enjoying the facilities, educational and other which the State provides for all. lt might seem that when this is achieved our work is done. In fact, it is only the beginning.
30. What does the term ‘epigram’ mean?
(a) A flattering remark
(b) An unsuitable remark
(c) A caustic remark
(d) A short and precise remark.

31. Which one of the following is correct?
Extension of the suffrage indicates
(a) spread of suffering •
(b) suffering of the common man.
(c) right of vote for more and more people
(d) spread of crime in politics.

32. What does ‘economic democracy’ stand for?
(a) Equal distribution of wealth
(b) Equal economic opportunity for all
(c) Application of democratic process in economic institutions
(d) Importance of money in political activities

MCQ Objective Sample Model Tests for INDIA

Questions are taken from previous papers of competitive exams and will deliver a fair idea for entrance exams


Questions 1 and 2: A truck travelled from town A to town B over several days. During the first day, it covered I/p ofthe total distance, where p is a natural
number. During the second day, it travelled l/q of the remaining distance, where q.is a natural number.During the third day, it travelled I/P of the distance remaining after the second day. and during the fourth day, l/q of the distance remaining after third day. By the end of the fourth day the truck had travelled 3/4 of the distance between A and B.
1. The value of p+q is
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7
E. 8

2. lf the total distance is 100 kilometers, the minimum distance that can be covered on day I is - kilometres.
A. 25
B. 30
C. 33
D. 35
E. 40

3. For how many integers n, EG is the square of an integer'?
A. 0
B. l l
C. 2
D. 3
E. 4

Questions 4 am! 5:lt is possible to arrange eight ofthe nine numbers 2,LA,5;7,l0, l l ,12, I3 in the vacant squares of the 3 by 4 array shown below so that the
arithmetic average ofthe numbers in each row and column is the same integer.
4. The arithmetic average is :
A. 6
B. 7
C. 8
D. 9
E. 12

5. Which one of the nine numbers must be Left out when completing the array?
A. 4
B. S
C. 7
D. 10
E. 11

6. ABC is a triangle with∟CAB = l5º and ∟ ABC = 30 º. If M is the midpoint of AB then ∟ ACM;
A. 15 º
B. 30 º
C. 45 º
D. 60 º
E. None of the above

Questions 7 and 8: Let ‘f’ be a function defined on the set of integers. Assume that °l" satisfies the following properties:
1. f(0) is not equal to 0
2. f(l) = 3; and
3. f`(x)f (y) ='f(x + y) + f(x - y) for all integers x and y.

7. f(3) =
A. 7
B. 18
C. l23
D. 322
E. None of the above

8. f(7) =
A, l23
B. 322
C. 843
D. ll26
E. None of the above

9. Let p be any positive integer and 2x+p=2y, p+y=x and x+y=z. For what value of p would x+y+z attain its maximum value?
A, 0
B. l
C. 2
D. 3
E. None of the above

10. Eight cities A. B, C, D, E. F, G and H are connected with one-way roads R1 ,R2, R3, R4. R5 and R6 in the following manner:

R1 leads from A to C via B;
R2 leads from C to D and then via B to F;
R3 leads from D to A and then via E to H
R4 leads from F to B via G;
R5 leads from G to D; and
R6 leads from F to H
The minimum number of road segments that have to be blocked in order to make all trathc from B to D impossible is
A. 5
B. 4
C. 3
D. 2
E. 1

11. We define a function fon the integers f(x) = x/10 if x is divisible by 10. and f(x) = x + 1 if x is not divisible by I0. 1f A0 = 1994 and An+1 = f(An) , What •
is the smallest n such that An = 27
A. 9
B. 18
C. 128
D. 1993
E. An never equals 2

12. lf the polynomial x‘ + px + q has three distinct roots,then which of the following, is a possible value of p?
A. -1
B. 0
C. l
D. 2
E. 3

13. n a certain factory. each day the expected number of accidents is related to the number of overtime hours by linear equation. Suppose that on one day there were 1000 overtime hours logged and 8 accidents reported, and on another day there were 400 overtime hours logged and 5 accidents. What are the expected numbers of accidents when no overtime hours are logged?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5 '
E, None of the above

14. ABCD is a rectangle. The points Pt and Q lie on AD and AB respectively. lf the triangles —PAQ, QBC and PCD all have the same areas and BQ = 2 then AQ =
A. 1 + √5
B. 1 - √5
D. √7
E. Not uniquely determined.

15. A brokerage house offers 3 stock portfolios. Portfolio 1 consists of2 blocks of common stock and 1 municipal bond. Portfolio ll consists ot"4 blocks of common stock. 2 municipal bonds and 3 blocks of preferred stock. Portfolio lll consists of2 blocks of common stock, 2 municipal bond and 3 blocks of preferred stock. A customer Wants 12 blocks of common stock, 6 municipal bonds and 6 preferred
stocks. How many portfolio lll should be offered?
A. l `
B. 2
C, 3
D. 4
E. None of the above

16. Triangle ABC has vertices A(0, O) B (0. 6) and C(9, 0), The points P and Q lie on side.AC such that AP I PQ = QC. Similarly. the points R and S lie on side AB such that AR = RS = SB, lf the line segments PB and RC intersect at X. then the slope or" the line AX is
A. 2/3
B. -2/3
C. 3/2
D. -3/2
E. None ofthe above.

17. ln a rainy season. Jamshedpur experienced some rain for thirteen days. A morning rain was always followed by a clear evening. An evening rain was always preceded by a clear morning, A total of 9mornings and 12 evenings were clear. How many rainless days did Jamshedpur have in the period?
A. 7
B. 6
C. 5
D. 4
E. 3

18. a. b. c. cl and e be non—negative real numbers such that a + b + c + d + e ; l0. Let X be the maximum of the numbers a + b. b + c. 0+ d and d + e.The _ least possible value of X lies in the "interval
A. [O. 2]
B. 2,3]
C. [3.4]
D. [4. 5]
E. [5. l0]

Questions 19 to 21: Substitute different digits (0, °1,2, 9) for different letters in the problem below. so that the corresponding addition is correct and it results in the maximum possible value of MONEY.

19. The letter Y should be
A. 0
B. 2
C. 3
D. 7
E. None of these

20. There are nine letters and ten digits. The digit that remains unutilized is:
A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1
E. None of the above.

21. The resulting value of‘ MONEY` is
A. 10364
B. 10563
C. 10978
D. 19627
E. None of the above.

22. Consider the system of linear equations
2x+3y+4z= 16
4x +4y + 52 = 26
ax + by + cz = r
For r = 5 and a = I then the system of linear equation will have infinite number of solutions ifc Z
A. 3/2
B. 1
C. 1/2
D. 0
E. None of the above.

23. A management institute has six senior professors and four junior professors. Three professors are selected at random for a Government project. The probability that at least one of the junior professors would get selected is:
A. 5/6
B. 2/3
C. 1/5
D. 1/6
E. None of the above.

Questions 24 to 27: Seven integers A, B, C, D,E, F and G are to be arranger! in an increasing order such that
i. First four numbers are in arithmetic progression.
ii. Last four numbers are in geometric progression.
There exists one number between E and G.
iv. There exist no numbers between A and B.
v. D is the smallest number and E is the greatest.
vi. A/D = G/C = F/A is greater than 1
vii. E = 960

24. E/A =
A. 2
B. 3 .
C. 4
D. 5
E. None of the above

25. D =
A. 30
B. 25
C. 22
D. 20
E. None of the above

26. The common difference in the A.P. is
A. 20
B. 22
C. 25 •
D, 30
E. None of the above

27. The position and value ofA is
A. Sth highest and 100
B. 4th highest and 100
C. 4th highest and 110
D. 3rd highest and 180
E. None ofthe above

Questions 28to 31 are followed by two statements labelled as (1) and (2). You have to decide y" these statements are sumcienl to conclusively » answer the question. Choose
A. lf- Statement (1) alone is sufficient to answer the question.
B. lf Statement (2) alone is sufficient to answer the question
C. lfStatement (1) and Statement (2) together are sufficient but neither of the two alone is sufficient to answer the question
D. Ifeither Statement (1 ) or ‘Statement (2) alone i is sufficient to answer the question. _
E. Both Statement (1) and Statement (2) are insufficient to answer the question.

28. What is the maximum value of a/b'?
1, a, a + b and a +2b are three sides ofa triangle.
2. a and b both are positive.

29. ABC is a triangle with angle B=90°. Whatis the length of the side AC?
1. D is the midpoint of BC and E is the midpoint of AB.
2. AD=7andCE=5

30. Five integers A, B, C, D and E are arranged in such a waythat there are two integers between B and C and
B is not the greatest. There exists one integer be and E and D is smaller than E. A is not
smallest integer. Which one is the smallest?
1. E is the greatest
2. There exists no integer between Band E.

31. For which value of non-negative “a` will the sys ierri x² - y² = 0, (x - a )² + y² = 1 have exactly three teal solutions?
A,. -√2
B. 1
C. √2
D. 2
E. No such ‘a’ exists.

32. Let { An} be a unique sequence of positive integers satisfying the following properties: A1 = 1, A2=2, A4 = l2,
and An + l . An-1 = An + 1 for n = 2, 3, 4, ..., Then, A 7, is
A. 60
B. 120
C. 149
D. 169
E. 187

33. ABC is a triangle with angle BAC = 60º. . A point P lies on one-third of the way from B to C. and AP bisects LBAC. LAPC =
A. 30 º
B. 45 º
C. 60 º
D. 90 º
E. 120 º

Directions (quesdtion 34 –40) Each group of questions in this section besed on a set of conditions. In answering some of the questions it may be useful to draw a rough diagram. Choose response which most accurately amd completely answers the each question and blaken the corresponding space on each on your answer sheet
(Questions 34 to 40) Seven film buffs gangadhar Indra lalatakshaya, mahashwar
Rudra,vyomkesha, and Yogi - attend n showing of classic jilms. Three films nre shown: one each rlireetetl Irv Guru Dutt, Sntvajit Ray, and] Ritwik G/mink. Each of the buffs sees exactly one of the three films. The films are shown only once, one
film at a time. T he following restrictions apply :
Exactly twice as many of the film buffs see the Satyajit Ray film as see the Guru Dutt film. Gangadhar and Rudra do not see the same film as each other. lndra and l\/laheshwar do not see the same film as each other. Vyomkesha and Yogi see the same film as each other. Lalatakshaya sees the Satyajit Ray film.Gangadhar secs either the Guru Dutt film or the Ritwik(il1a1af\ film.

34, Which one ofthe following could be an accurate matching of film buffs to films?
A. Gangadhar: the Satyajit Ray film; lndra: the Ritwik Ghatak film; Maheshwar: the Satyajit Ray nlm
B. Gangadhar; the Ritwik Ghatak film; Indra: the Guru Dutt film; Vyomkesha: the Guru Dutt film
C. Indra: the Satyajit Ray film; Rudra: the Ritwik Ghatak film; Vyomkesha: the Guru Dutt film
D. Maheshwar: the Ritwik Ghatak film; Rudra: the Ritwik Ghatak film; Vyomkesha: the Ritwik
Ghatak film
E. l\/laheshvsar; the Satyajit Ray film; Rudra: the Satyaj it Ray film; Yogi: the Satyajit Ray film

35. Each ofthe following must be false EXCEPT:
A. Rudra is the only film buffto see the Guru Dutt film.
B. Rudra is the only film buff to see the Satyajit Ray Elm.
C. Yogi is the only film buff to see the Ritwik Ghatak film.
D. Exactly two film buffs see the Ritwik Ghatak film.
E. Exactly three film buffs see the Satyajit Ray film. .

36. Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate list of the film buffs who DO NOT see the Satyaj it Ray film?
A. Gangadhar. Maheshwar
B. Gangadhar, Rudra
C. Gangadhar, Indra, Ruclra.
D. Gangadhar, l\/laheshwar. Yogi
E. Gangadhar, Vyomkesha, Yogi

37. lf exactly one film bu ff sees the Ritwik Ghatak film, then which one ofthe following must be true?
A. Vyomkesha sees the Satyajit Ray film.
B. Gangadhar sees thc Guru Dutt film.
C. l\/laheshwar see the Guru Duft film.
D. Indra sees the Guru Dutt film.
E. Rudra sees the Satyajit Ray film. '

38. If Vyomkesha and Gadhadhar see the same film,then which one ofthe following could be true'?
A. Gangadhar sees the Guru Dutt film.
B. Indra sees the Satyaj it Ray film.
C. Rudra sees the Ritwik Ghatak film.
D. Vyomkesha sees the Satyaj it Ray film.
E. Yogi sees the Guru Dutt film

40. Each ofthe following could be a complete and accurate list of the film buffs who see the Guru Dutt film EXCEPT:
A. Gangadhar, Indra
B. Gangadhar, Maheshwar
C. Indra, Rudra
D. Maheshwar, Rudra
E. Vyomkesha, Yogi


Kerala PSC Khadi and Village Industries SET 3 - 1998

1. Which of the following Malayali writers did not receive the “Jnanpith Award”?
A) M.T Vasudevan Nair B) Thakazhi C) S.K. Pottakkad D) Uroob
2. Among the works of Kumaran Asan, given below, which was published first?
A) Nalini B) Veenapoovu C) Leela D) Karuna
3. In which district is the Malampuzha Gardens ?
A) Idukki B) Malappuram C) Palakkad D) Thrissur
4. Which of the following places in Kerala is the northern most ?
A) Wayanad B) Valapattanam C) Kasaragod D) Kannur
5. Where is the Swiss project for Cattle development in Kerala situated ?
A) Vellayani B) Mannuthi C) Kunnamangalam D) Mattupetti
6. Who is the journalist associated with “Kesari” ?
A) Balakrishna Pillai B) Ramakrishna Pillai C) Mammen Mappila
D) Sanjayan
7. The law by which people are asked to submit to Government accounts of dealings in foreign currency is:
A) FREA B) Customs law C) Income-tax law D) TADA
8. The Konkan railway has been constructed between:
A) Thiruvananthapuram and Mumbai
B) Mangalore and Chennai
C) Thiruvananthapuram and Goa
D) Mangalore and Mumbai
9. The part of a computer, which receives the information supplied, is:
A) Control Unit B) Memory Unit C) Output Unit D) Input Unit
10. When did the dynasty of Sultans rule over India ?
A) Between 17th century A.D and 19th century A.D
B) Between 13th century A.D and 16th century A.D
C) Between 8th century A.D and 10th century A.D
D) Between 5th century A.D and 8th century A.D
11. The name given to the symbol of the National games held at Bangalore was
A) Nandi B) Nandu C) Appu D) Micky
12. The tennis player who won the ladies single championship in Wimbledon, the most times:
A) Monica Seles B) Steffi Graph C) Martina Hingis D) Martina Navratilova
13. Under what condition does a lunar eclipse take place?
A) The earth comes between the sun and the moon
B) The Moon comes between the sun and the earth
C) The sun comes between the earth and the moon
D) The sun, moon and earth are in a straight line in any order
14. The name given to the instrument sent to Mars, in 1997, for investigations , by moving around is:
A) Orbiter B) Viking C) Mariner D) Sojourner
15. Why is it that the color of earth is red at certain places ?
A) It contains more nitrogen
B) It contains oxides of iron
C) It contains sand formed out of red rocks
D) It does not contain alluvial soil
16. The film actor who received Dada Saheb Phalke Award for 1996, given in 1997 is
A) Kamala Hasan B) Dr. Raj Kumar C) Sivaji Ganeshan D) Ashok Kumar
17. Which of the following gives the percentage of carbon dioxide present in atmosphere?
A) 5% B) 3% C) .3% D) .03%
18. Whose name is associated with the Theory of Evolution?
A) Lamarck B) Weisman C) Charles Darwin D) De vries
19. The Paris Commune took place in
A) 1900 B) 1871 C) 1921 D) 1847
20. The Srimoolam Prajasabha was established in Travancore in :
A) 1904 B) 1910 C) 1918 D) 1932
21. In connection with which of the following movements did Gandhiji come to kerala ?
A) Guruvayoor Satyagraha B) Vaikam Satyagraha
C) Paliam Satyagraha D) Salt Satyagraha
22. The Scientist who arranged elements to their increasing atomic weight is:
A) Dalton B) Avogadro C) Mendeleev D) Mendel
23. Which of the following is not a part of an atom?
A) Ion B) Electron C) Proton D) Neutron
24. Under which category of winds does the cyclone fall?
A) Local winds B) Trade winds C) Variable Winds D) Periodic Winds
25. Which of the metropolitan cities of India is nearest to the equator?
A) Delhi B) Mumbai C) Chennai D) Calcutta
26. The person who is said to be the “Iron man” of India is:
A) Subhash Chandra Bose
B) Bhagat Singh
C) V.K Krishna Menon
D) Sardar Vallabhai Patel
27. The person who occupied the post of the President of India for two sessions continuously was
A) Dr. Radhakrishnan B) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
C) Dr. Zakir Hussain D) Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma
28. The name given to a substance formed by the chemical combination of two more metal is
A) Alloy B) Ore C) Compound D) Mineral
29. To which of the following is Group III metal?
A) Calcium B) Aluminum C) Sodium D) Iron
30. Which of the following does petroleum belong?
A) Nitrate B) Oxide C) Fat D) Hydrocarbon
31. Paralysis is caused by disorders connected with
A) Muscles B) Lungs C) Joints D) Brain
32. The food item that provides energy for growth is:
A) Carbohydrates B) Vitamins C) Protins D) Minerals
33. The scientist who gave scientific laws of heredity for the first time was
A) Charles Darwin B) Issac Newton C) Lamarck D) Mendel
34. What is the physical basis of inheritance of characters in animals ?
A) Cells B) Genes C) Blood D) Tissues
35. Which of the following is an excretory organ ?
A) Kidney B) Intestine C) Liver D) Stomach
36) Which is a disease cause by disorder of the respiratory system ?
A) Hypertension B) Jaundice
C) Imbalance of cholesterol D) Pneumonia
37. Which of the following creatures is not purely aquatic?
A) Shark B) Whale C) Crocodile D) Octopus
38. Which of the following is a mammal ?
A) Crocodile B) Tortoise C) Bat D) Snake
39. With which crop is the name « Jaya » associated ?
A) Coconut B) Pepper C) Wheat D) Rice
40. Who was the Agricultural scientist who gave leadership to the “Green Revolution”?
A) Dr. M.S. Swaminathan B) Jagadeesh Chandra Bose
C) Dr. Chandrasekhar D) Dr. Khorana
41. Which of the following places has contributed to a famous variety of goats?
A) Malappuram B) Kasaragod C) Thalasseri D) Kozhikkode
42. Which of the following varieties of cows is Indian in origin?
A) Sindhi B) Jersy C) Hostein D) Swiss Brown
43. To which of the following is the term “Operation Flood” associated?
A) Time bound programme for better irrigation
B) Effort for increasing production of milk
C) Pevention of floods in Indian rivers
D) Military operation against militant forces
44. Where is the Central Rice Research Institute Situated ?
A) Pattambi B) Vellayani C) Kasargod D) Mannuthi
45. A non-living component of living cell is:
A) Ribosome B) Mitochondria C) Vacuole D) Endoplasmic reticulum
46. Which is an example for drupes?
A) Pea D) Mango C) Tomato D) Pineapple
47. A seed dispersed with the help of hairs on it is:
A) Drumstick (Muringa) B) Cotton C) Poppy D) Castor (Avanakku)
48. Which of the following is an artificial method of vegetative propagation?
A) Bulb. B) Rhizomes C) Tubers D) Grafting
49. Which is a disease spread by house flies?
A) Scabies B) Filaria C) Cholera D) Rabies
50. Which disease is not prevented by the triple vaccine?
A) Diphtheria B) Tetanus C) Polio D) Whooping cough
51. The fungus that produces alcohol is:
A) Penicillium B) Mushroom C) Rhizopus D) Yeast
52. The structure of DNA was discovered by:
A) Waston and Crick B) Har Gobindh Khorana
C) Wilkins and Franklin D) Linus pauling
53. Out of which part of a plant does its seed originate?
A) Ovary B) Ovule C) Stigma D) Embryo
54. Which disease is caused by the deficiency of vitamin D?
A) Anemia B) Scurvy C) Goitre D) Rickets
55. The central most space of tooth contains:
A) Pulp B) Dantine C) Enamel D) Cement
56. The name given to pollination by the agency of water is:
A) Anemophily B) Entophily C) Hydrophily
D) Ornithophily
57. What is the name given to the branch of study of the general structure of a living thing?
A) Ecology B) Anatomy C) Physiology D) Embryology
58. Normally hen’s eggs hatch in:
A) 30 Days B) 28 Days C) 21 days D) 14 days
59. Where is the Veterinary College in Kerala situated?
A) Vellayani B) Mattupetti C) Kasaragod D) Mannuthi
60. Germs, of which of the following diseases, is spread through water?
A) Malaria B) Filaria C) Jaundice D) Diarrhoea
61. Which is the place in Kerala where rearing of ducks is most popular?
A) Kuttanad B) Kayamkulam C) Kannur D) Idukki
62. Which of the following is non-vertebrate?
A) Snake B) Fish C) Cockroach D) Rog
63. Protein is not supplied by:
A) Rice B) Meat C) Fish D) Eggg
64. The gas produced by partial combustion of fules is:
A) Carbon dioxide B) Carbon monoxide C) Sulphur dioxide
D) Hydrogen peroxide
65. Which one is a communicable disease ?
A) Asthma B) Cancer C) Smallpox D) Arthritis
66. Transportation of food in plants takes places through:
A) Xylem B) Pores C) Cells D) Phloem
67. Which plant does brown hopper affect most?
A) Vegetables B) Rice C) Pepper D) Coconut
68. What is meant by hybridization?
A) Producing new varieties of plants that resist pests
B) Producing new varieties of plants or animals that give more yield
C) Producing new varieties of plants that give early yield
D) Producing new varieties of plants or animals by combining characteristics of two different varieties
69. The secretion of the liver is:
A) Bile B) Saliva C) Gastric Juice D) Hydrochloric acid
70. The organ that regulates body temperature in human beings is:
A) Hair B) Kidney C) Lungs D) Skin
71. Which of the following is an example for adventitious roots?
A) Carrot B) Beetroot C) Tapioca D) Radish


1. D) Uroob 2. B) Veenapoovu 3. C) Palakkad
4. C) Kasaragod 5. D) Mattupetti 6. A) Balakrishna Pillai
7. A) FREA 8. D) Mangalore and Mumbai 9. D) Input Unit
10. B) Between 13th Century and 16th Century A.D.
11. B) Nandu 12. D) Martina Navratilova
13. A) The earth comes between sun and moon
14. D) Sojourner 15. B) It contains oxides of iron.
16. C) Sivaji Ganesan. 17. D) .03% 18. C) Charles Darwin
19. B) 1871. 20. A) 1904 21. B) Vaikam Sathyagraha.
22. C) Mendeleev 23. A) Ion 24. D) Periodic winds.
25. C) Chennai 26. D) Sardar Vallabhai Patel.
27. B) Dr. Rajendra prasad 28. A) Alloy
29. B) Aluminum 30.D) Hydrocarbon
31. D) Brain 32. A) Carbohydrates
33. D) Mendel 34. B) Genes
35. A) Kidney 36. D) Pneumonia
37. C) Crocodile 38. C) Bat
39. D) Rice 40. A) Dr. M.S Swaminathan
41. A) Malappuram 42. A) Sindhi
43. B) Effort for increasing production of milk
44. A) Pattambi 45. C) Vacuole.
46. B) Mango 47. B) Cotton
48. D) Grafting 49. C) Cholera
50. C) Polio 51. D) Yeast
52. A) Waston and Crick 53. Ovary
54. D) Rickets 55. A) Pulp
56. C) Hydrophily 57. A) Ecology
58. C) 21 Days 59. Mannuthi
60. D) Diarrhoa 61. A) Kuttanad
62. C) Cockroach 63. A) Rice
64. B) Carbon monoxide 65. C) Smallpox
66. D) Pholem 67. B) Rice
68. D) Producing new varieties of plants or animals by combining characteristic of two different varieties.
69. A) Bile 70. D) Skin 71 C) Tapioca